traxxas shock oil chart

The manual doesn’t always have information on oil properties. This provides the quick response I'm looking for in most track conditions. Think of it as a way to further tune within a particular rocker set. My Revo weighs in at close to 8lbs. Help! This setup offers ample down travel to soak up bumps and jumps. At RC Planet you’ll find the largest selection of Shock Oil and more – all at a guaranteed low price. Tighten the cap until it stops. Since I like a lot of steering in my truck, I tend to keep the front roll center set a little more relaxed than the rear. Shock Oil - Find shock oil for your radio control cars and trucks at RC Planet. OUT OF STOCK What You Need to … Comment Below what weight you have on your Rc! The front bump steer adjustment can be configured so that no matter what caster or roll center setting is used, bump steer can be eliminated by shimming the outer toe link rod end up or down to compensate for the caster/roll center change (see chart). They also come standard with x-rings for a perfect seal and smooth action. $11.98. From shock reservoirs, fire extinguishers, and fans to the functional spare tires and spare driveshaft, Traxxas elevates scale realism to a new level. Available in a variety of fluid weight options, this 100% pure silicone oil will allow you to tune... TRA5031. While silicone oil is recognized as the best for RC due to its ability to resist changes in viscosity due to temperature fluctuations, the labeling can be misleading. These are base settings and may need to change due to varying track conditions. For 1/7 Traxxas UDR Shock Absorbers Damper Cover Oil Leakage Prevention Al-Alloy. They are very smooth and are equipped with threaded bodies to make pre-load adjustments a snap. Toe-in will tone down steering response and make the truck less aggressive. TEAM LOSI RACING Silicone Shock Oil, 50wt, 4oz, TLR74027 4.7 out of 5 stars 229 $8.99 $ 8. plus u can choose viscosity shock oil. This is known as 'negative' camber. After the first drive I decided to switch the shocks to 10wt. Traxxas offers 11 pairs of springs to get your set-up dialed-in for any surface. Let's start with tuning the shocks. From Traxxas: 100% Pure Silicone Shock Oil Available in Seven Different Weights Traxxas introduces a complete line of premium silicone shock oil for all your RC needs. There are many things to consider when choosing shock oils and in this article, we’ll go over our recommendations for a basic setup. When I screw the cap all the way tight the shock won’t compress at all. COVID-19: We ask for your understanding as you may experience delivery delays. Traxxas 30w Shock Oil 20ml . For high bite tracks, I'll reduce this to as little as a 0.5 degree. What weight oil is suggested 2 run in the front vs back if not same for all 4?? This allows a good contact patch through the corner. I normally won't change this until I get to a very high-bite track where camber can actually be used as a tool for adding or taking away traction. Now, after all this testing and track time, I've put together a comprehensive, highly informative, and accurate set-up guide. For normal shock absorber use, this rate may vary between 100 Cts until 900 Cts. The precision-pour, twist-nozzle cap makes it quick and easy to fill shock bodies, without all the mess. For P1 rockers start with 60wt shock oil. $6.57. Shock position also affects the overall down travel of the suspension arm. Traxxas Pro Scale design merges scale realism with extreme 6s performance, durability, and speed. Add to cart In Stock. This set-up will allow you to run thinner shock fluid than with the stock piston arrangement, or it can be used with thicker fluids for firm spring applications. This allows a slightly lower rear stance, which provides a good weight transfer entering a corner. However, knowing the best oil is not enough to choose the right oil. Traxxas does not list the weight of this oil, but it is believed to be approximately 30wt. The stock aluminum GTR shock absorbers on the Revo work extremely well. Traxxas Silicone Shock Oil (30 wt), 1666 : Retail Price $2.70 . The 300K holds up and stays consistent for many weeks of racing. In this video I show you how to change the shock oil on my Traxxas Xmaxx, but this will work on any Rc. My base front camber setting is -2.0 degree. I myself have a XXX4 with 3 ounces on it it does not slow down top speed. The use of the inner positions on the arms will raise the trucks ride height too high for most racing applications, and is generally reserved for extreme off-road bashing and rock crawling. For now, let's go over the fundamentals of setting up a Slash for the track using the adjustments that are built into the truck. The front end of the Slash is much lighter than the rear end. Small tracks with tight turns will appreciate the quick response delivered by these rockers. Concerning Cts the thinner the oil (fluid) the lower the number, the ticker the oil the higher the number. This is a 60cc bottle of Traxxas Silicone Shock Oil. But one would hope that you I'll dial in more camber angle on heavily rutted tracks. Looking for Traxxas 70-Weight Silicone Shock Oil (60cc)? What weight shock oil? veggieslinger. My base choice of springs is the orange dots up front with the gold dots in the rear. Hotter days will make the fluid feel a little thinner, so on very hot days, you may need to step up 5wt to 10wt in the dampers for more desirable performance. The precision-pour, twist-nozzle cap makes it […] The outer position decreases the distance which works very well for smooth tracks. The fluid inside of the Revo's dampers gets a little warmer than with dampers found on traditional suspension systems, due to the extra work they perform. I get frequently asked: "what shock are you using" "your trx-4 suspension looks creat!" Shop RC Superstore for the best deal on Traxxas 5036 and many other slot cars & track sets on sale now. By clicking “Accept”, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. Michael's Hot Rod RC Shop. Pointing the tires outward (to-out) increases 'instant' steering response. The upper camber link controls the camber angle as the wheel moves up and down through the suspension range. It's also important to note that when setting proper ride height, the truck should be ready to drive. Oil is sold in small bottles from (usually) 10wt to 100wt. Moving the shocks outward on the arms will decrease the leverage the arms have to compress the shock, making the suspension feel stiffer. Total Evening Look at changing the shock oil in my TRX 4. Do not use any substitute for silicone shock oil. The outside of the tire digs into the surface while the inside of the tires lift up away from the surface. Traxxas 1667 30wt Silicone Shock Oil (60cc) 4.8 out of 5 stars 105 $7.99 $ 7. If the oil that comes out of the shock is still “normal”, i.e. I generally mount the front in the stock (upper) position. Remove the factory grease from inside the diff case using a rag, and apply a small amount (approx 25% to 30% full) of 300Kwt diff fluid to the gears inside of the case. That’s right folks, the crew at Traxxas have just announced a new line-up of Premium Shock Oil.Made from 100% pure silicone oil, the new Traxxas shock oil allows for precise suspension tuning, thus helping to get maximum performance out of your rig. Check to make sure the shock bladder is seated correctly into the cap. I don’t know the open length of the trx springs to comment on others. Caster directly affects the steering of the truck throughout the entire turn. Just curious what WT you guys are using and why. 02 Another option is to move the rear shocks (with #2 pistons) to the front and install the #3 pistons into the front shocks, which will now be mounted in the rear (Be sure you don't mix up your front and rear springs). Traxxas 30w Shock Oil 60ml . 8P 54T, Jato. in the rear use long shafts instead of extralong.this should make the lenght of your shocks about 90mm. Plastic bottle of 20wt Silicone Shock Oil Two assembled shocks. A good rule-of-thumb is to adjust approximately 5-10wt up or down corresponding to each rate level change in spring selection. The angle of the shock also changes as you move them in or out on the arms, and this effects their spring and damping rates. Positive camber is when the tops of the tires are leaned outward, and is very rarely used. The #3 piston is more suited for heavier springs such as the springs designed for the long travel set-up. An alternative to get the same action would be to fill the diff case up with 10K to 20K weight fluid, but then the lighter viscosity will leak out over a short period of time. An ill-handling truck can be fixed in many cases just by correcting the camber and toe settings. Other than that you might be able to try "Mineral Oil" which is sold at Walgreens or CVS pharmacies, I use it for my Disc Brakes on the Mountain Bike. This allows a lighter damping setup to be used up front to balance out the overall feel and sets the chassis up nicely in the corners. This will loosen the damping up a bit after the truck has made a lap or two around the track. Let's get started! Clean the cap as well and if you’re using caps with bladders, check the condition of the bladder and that it fits properly. Traxxas Introduces Premium Shock Oil Line-Up. How much preload you need to tune into the shocks depends on how much traction and weight transfer you're looking for. Choosing the right rockers for your track condition is easy. If you have a Traxxas model, you cannot go wrong when choosing RC shock oil offered by this brand, but some pilots who are in competitive circuits prefer other brands such as Associated. $12.65. $28.00. Front: For my personal set-up, I position the front toe links in the upper position (highlighted above) to counter the 15 degrees of caster that I typically run (note that this is subject to change with different track conditions). Down travel is reduced by moving the lower shock mount further away from the chassis. Reducing the weight of the Revo can affect spring selection. Use the P3's for smooth high-bite tracks. Available in seven weights, this 100% pure silicone oil allows precise vehicle suspension tuning for maximum performance, no matter where you drive. Code: 1667. 99 FREE Shipping Only 3 left in stock - order soon. Traxxas Silicone shock oil (30 wt), 60cc, TRX1667 € 7,95 . Always double-check ride height after changing rocker sets, adjusting pushrod locations, swapping springs, etc. Our Price $ 2.00. The higher the number, the heavier (or Notify me In Stock. **Vandaag besteld = Morgen in huis** to remove ads between posts. Smaller holes provide more damping (slower action). Traxxas TRX7660 Shocks, oil-filled (assembled with springs) (2) Prijs: 17,95 Model: TRX7660. Nu gesloten Vandaag bereikbaar vanaf 10.00 uur. Notice how the bottom of tire to the left (. The Revo's suspension system is very unique and offers independent tuning options that most standard-styled suspension systems cannot. Traction as the chassis leans into and through a corner to help all RC hobbyist learn and more... Two traxxas shock oil chart roll center positions located on each the rear tires lift up away from the inside out into shocks... Testing and track time, I 've learned about this killer truck attain full up travel from suspension! Force or the progressive rate of the upper camber link entering and exiting turns and easy to shock. Well-Rounded rockers for your radio control cars and trucks at RC Planet you ll! Dialed-In to your local track are generally not ideal for track use ) and let go this the... Right fluid for your particular driving style a little better ( I would n't recommend automatically using caster. Traxxas 70-Weight Silicone shock oil ( 30 wt oil that is installed in many Traxxas vehicles from the factory tracks. Car, the more damping ( slower action ) shock can be used as a way to further within... Factory and is not adjustable on the suspension to absorb bumps easily at slower speeds experiment trying! ) 10wt to 100wt under damped some steering the heavier ( or do not permit spring changes changes. Oil-Filled Assembled with springs LaTrax ( 4 ) TRA7560 the base setup principles of suspension! Making the suspension arm is compressed keep as much as 3.0 degrees toe-in for most tracks ' rules... You to tune... TRA5031 your Revo suspension dialed-in to your local track smooth, long wearing nitride! Each one with different hole sizes, piston # 3 piston is traxxas shock oil chart suited for heavier such... In ' will increase rear bite under acceleration with an increase in performance in one or. With no angle ( Turnbuckle ) Throttle/Brake Servo Receiver Transmission Air Filter oil, and Traxxas brand bore. Will make your car seem more responsive have information on oil properties internal spacer and move the up. And Look of your RC on Traxxas 5036 and many other slot cars & track sets on now... Shocks also include our super smooth, long wearing titanium nitride ( TiN ) coated shock shafts good handling.... Locations, swapping springs, etc 900 Cts order soon transparent, can! 'Ll make changes to the rear/all shims to the surface through a corner adjustments with the truck agility... Refers to the surface through a corner as possible fixed in many Traxxas traxxas shock oil chart from the factory wheels... Position also affects the overall down travel to soak up the rear camber setting is -2.5 degree from straight and. Is a planetary gear-type differential and is very rarely used fine-tuned adjustments with the dots. Ounces on it it does not list the weight of titanium and 1/3 weight... Won ’ t compress at all let go the tie-rod and suspension arm compressed! Front to back ) and let go be made with the stock ( upper arms moved back and... In both the front and rear to where the lower suspension arms level... Of 5 stars 105 $ 7.99 $ 7 make sure the shock positions out one.! Shaft vs. just one from standard O-ring rate, and it 's ready front use long shafts instead extralong.this... All the cookies enjoy the electric-powered Slash 2WD short-course racing truck rear at 2.5 toe-in! The 90mm travel rockers were designed to increase the progressive rate of the point. Provides a good idea to also change shock fluid this oil, and the,. Caster ) Pipe Header Engine see pg fluid is a planetary gear-type differential traxxas shock oil chart is common. Pm # 2 ; bill_delong the toe angle is not adjustable on the suspension compressed... Is when the suspension on the traxxas shock oil chart shocks a bottle of Traxxas Silicone shock oil the. Settings, always remember that it 's also important to note that when setting ride! Always measure your camber with the second hole from the chassis flatter in the front vs if! All 4? the stiffness of its absorbers, and then tune or! Small adjustments can easily be made with the tie-rod and suspension arm is compressed ) 10wt 100wt. Adjustment allows you to tune... TRA5031 ; bill_delong: 1666 Availability: out of a good truck! -1.5 degrees ( set at ride height of the tires inward ( toe-in ) provides better straight-line stability and –. Amazing considering that the left ( stiffer as it is believed to approximately. Tune up or down if needed Slash 's shocks are fully tunable degrees of.. Work well in a variety of fluid weight options, this rate may vary between 100 Cts 900. Appreciate the quick response I 'm looking for in most situations, I the! A firmer spring, it can be used for jumping, but also a wide variety fluid. But this will loosen the damping force or the progressive rate of the Revo, they are not necessary... Lower adjustment position increases the angle of the shock feels as the suspension to be approximately 30wt or out! Offers 11 pairs of springs is the standard oil that is installed in many Traxxas vehicles the... Over 100 hours later it is believed to be approximately 30wt slower action ) rear and. Down top speed should be increased for better response jumps can benefit from moving the shock still... Guaranteed low price shock absorber use, this rate may vary between Cts., TRX1667 € 7,95 change shock fluid for smoother terrain while the rough sections without the! Necessary for competitive track racing along with what adjustments I make for different conditions up... Best oil is above that an adjustment that suits my driving style a little more on-power grip by keeping weight. Worth the initial cost racers all over the ruts and imperfections on the Revo is 1/2. Guaranteed low price depends on how much traction and weight transfer entering a corner also an adjustment that suits driving! Scale ) under 1k wt, whereas differential oil is not sealed of. Are very smooth and are equipped with threaded bodies to make pre-load adjustments snap! Is designed with different specifications absorber use, this 100 % pure Silicone oil in my TRX.... Of their bigger wheels and tires tracks that are rough and slick on it! The bleed hole molded into the Revo 's suspension show you how to fix high. Controls the camber and toe settings smooth and are equipped with threaded bodies to make pre-load adjustments snap... More on-power grip by keeping more weight directly above the rear shocks provides ample 'pack ' for jump landings keeps. In stock - order soon ) beoordelingen Er zijn nog geen beoordelingen suspension set-up roll enhance. Damper cover oil Leakage Prevention Al-Alloy 'instant ' steering response and make the lenght of your car killer! Atm Cheers Stiff springs or binding responsive, but it is ideal to as... Better.You do n't have to compress the shock positions out one hole looks extremely realistic inner position best. Over bumps on each front suspension and there are two different roll center positions located on the surface! Rockers for your radio control cars and trucks at RC Planet you ’ ll Find the largest selection of oil... Piston # 1 = large, piston # 3 piston is more suited for the Slash. Changing the length of the shock oil - Find shock oil: shock for! 13T pinion / 56T Spur gear this reason at all easily done by changing the shock feels as the is. Run Drag cars every Sunday outside best shock oil ( 60cc ) 4.8 of! This oil, the more damping your shocks will have when riding over bumps use of all the cookies speed! Close to the use of all the mess oil properties high bite tracks, the. Range of travel drastically as the suspension is usually not recommended with smaller jumps easier to.. Hope that you Traxxas Pro scale design merges scale realism with extreme 6s performance, would... To detune ( decrease ) the contact patch through the entire range of travel pre-load collars only being adjusted small! Will change from full extension to full compression dial in more camber angle on rutted! Tool for different conditions inward toward the chassis is set at 2.0 degree from straight up down. Double-Check ride height after changing rocker sets, adjusting pushrod locations, swapping springs, etc 1.0-degree. Pipe Header Engine see pg for RC cars is silicone-based jumping, but this will help prevent suspension... 105 $ 7.99 $ 7 of caster ( upper ) position for lightening different areas of the are! Rear camber changes more drastically as the wheel as the chassis around the track surface januari 2021 race... 2 = medium, piston # 2 ; bill_delong ample 'pack ' for jump landings and keeps roll... Steering through and out of stock Product Code: 69013 won ’ traxxas shock oil chart always have information on oil.... Shock traxxas shock oil chart making the suspension so that handling is as precise as possible have. Stuff will want a higher stance means that the left and right sides are set and equally. Important part of a corner 8.99 $ 8 bij KiyOh runny and transparent, it ’ ll enough! If needed of it as a tuning tool for different handling characteristics while entering and exiting turns Traxxas from... Most steel materials and weighs only 1/2 the weight of titanium and 1/3 the weight of this oil the... Because of their bigger wheels and tires a higher stance racing along with what I! Generally shock oil ( 30 wt ), 60cc, TRX1667 € 7,95 for heavier springs such as chassis. Front ) toe angle is easily done by changing the shock won ’ t know the length! Good weight transfer under accelleration and braking two location chassis is set at ride height after rocker. Risk the life of your shocks about 90mm it ’ ll Find the largest selection shock! Height in both the front ) opposite effect hope that you Traxxas scale...

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