how to lodge a complaint against a neighbor

On pointing out the mischief, he rudely behaves telling that “Rasta Tumhare Bap Ka Nahi Hai”. Or jhut Jeet jata he kyu women’s power iske jariye koi v mahila kisi pe v jhuta arop laga deti he or police police ko sab jankari hone k bawujud v police ulta ek sacche Insan ko dhamkata he ku, ku ki mahila ka case strong, agar wo kisi pe aesehi jhuta arop v laga de ki is purush ne mujhe galat najar se dekha to wo v strong ho jata he or wo Insan fas jata he uske pariwar k log Shanti se rah ni sakte hamesa darkar rahna padta he kahi fir se hamare bete,pita,bhae,pati par koi mahila jhuta arop lagakar fasa na de or police police to sab jante huye v ush Insan ko uske Parivar ko ye paramarsh deta he ki is lady se dur rahna darkar rahna Varna ye tumhe or kisi bade case me fasa degi or tum kuch ni kar paoge ku ki ye aurat he or tum mard, or ajkal aurto ka power jyada he jab police hi aesa kah deti he sab samjhte huye v to fir mard log bete Janam dene wala ghar kaha jaye, kese Shanti se ek swatarnt Desh ki Shanti samaj me rhega beton ko Janam dene wala ghar, kese Shanti se rahegi ek bete ko Janam dene wali maa, kese sir utha k chalegi ek bhae ki behen, kese izzat se rahegi ek pati ki patni or kese mahol me badi hogi ek pita ki beti. The sides of our HIGHWAY is dug out now they have started with our land the 100 day Labour is used and alcohol is given as an incentive with a sumptuous dinner for each Labour while the taxpayers money goes to these criminals. Provide contact information and facts related to the complaint, including how often and when your neighbour has caused you and others problems. Thank you. I am mentally depressed due to this problem , Some time I am thinking I should burn the flat to destroy the whole flat with everything. I AM A HYPERACUSES PATIENT, MY EARS BECAME VERY SENSITIVE TO SLIGHTEST NOISE , EVEN TICKING OF THE CLOCK DISTURBS MY SLEEP. I have a CCTV clipping in support of this. There is a neighbour (a woman) who has left her husband’s house and resides with her brother and seems very unhappy with her life so she’s after us constantly psyching us. Now there’s continuous drip and water is entering the electric connections and holders. If … Click Property Complaint. The legal status of the Association is not disclosed and bank information is withheld. Need assistance one of my case,I have a property in Uttarakhand half portion I have given on rent and rest half is locked.There is 40 house in that colony and now 39 neighbors are against us and our tenants because we have not paid the society( which is not register)charges on time and they have put a incorrect charge against our tenant that they create nuisance in the colony and also there car is not allowed in the colony for parking and also called the police to arrest them.Mental harassment is done by all the neighbors.please suggest a way out. Thanks, Hi, my name is Ayesha and I am a lawyer by profession. Because of their numbers they gather around in their society compound, which is facing our building and create a lot of commotion by speaking loudly, laughing, yelling, children playing and sometimes even two wheelers creating a loud sound when they enter into their compound. First his mentality was ok after few months he tried to harass us. sometimes she beats the children of other people to whom she don’t like. My owner he was yelling on top of his voice to my father so i said him ..that we will be leaving this place and no one will come here so he got angry and he abused me he..said me ki tre kaan ke niche bajaauga..and he also came to beat me..but my father stopped him and he abused me publicy and he said i will shoot ur dog…is this the way to speak with a girl…what do he think of himself…i we stay in a doesnt mean ki hum unke naukar hai..usko hum paise b dete hai…plzzz i request u to take a action against this thing…and this type of characterless ppl must b hanged to death…, No one will help….even police will not consider these problems…..but there is a best sollution….all such people …we should make a group and altogether we can solve every persons problem one by one ….giving a lesson to our neighbours. Sir jitna women’s protection important he kya men’s ke liye v utna hi protection jaruri nhi agar mahilaye mardo dwara pidit he to kya mard mahilao dwara pidit nahi. If this type of harassment is faced by you from your neighbor then, you can file an application under Section 268 of IPC in the court of magistrate. On denying, he abuses me that I have no good relations with my neighbours. is leaving no stone unturned to create problems for other residents of building. I was approached by a neighbor about joining freemasonry and he gave me an application to fill out. • When the public prosecutor appealed against that ruling, Pasko lodged a complaint in an attempt to clear his name. The ground floor is for parking. She talks/screams so loud I walked down the street to see how far away I could hear her & it’s 2 blocks over I can hear her. You can file suit for declaration and mandatory injunction in a civil court as well. While they are breaking my boundary to make and sell houses to increase income for the party club police touts and neighbours who are all relatives of the same group who are actively involved in politics and have family in our Amdanga thana. If your neighbour is causing a nuisance, you should initially talk to them about the problem and ask them politely to stop or remove the nuisance. Above floor people have damaged our ceiling plaster is gone, as it was getting damp when they wash their balcony thou informed severally they have ignored past three years now??? Now what step shall I to get rid of this it’s my every day tension when I am at work, what must have happened at home?. If he doesn't respond to your complaints, go to his supervisor to solve the problem. We have caught the several times in side our cultivation after having a boundary wall. I am an finance professional working in a private company. Even insertion of cameras for the recording of activities in a neighborhood house. Anyone with a valid complaint may approach the CRA and lodge complaints at the Consumer Protection Affairs department. Most of the houses are 1920s Craftsman bungalows. After filing a complaint, a court clerk issues a summons to the person that you are suing, which informs him about the lawsuit you are filing against him. Thanks Kika 2019-08-15 10:17:53 UTC #2 What kind of issue are you having? 200 but the court can do much more. Some male members and sub commitee members in the dept have been harassing me since last 6 months bullying me ,boycotting me, and ganging up against me since i object to breaking of bye laws in order of play on court and have written several letters to the Hon Secretary and sub committee re the same. Yes, calling a police if your neighbor harasses you is an option to go with. But now they are disturbing to n different manner by making sound of TV with high volume beaching about us with other neighbors and trying to instigate us. I want to lodge a complaint against your attitude towards a billing dispute and talk to your superior managers. they are not listening and negotiate . 2010 we purchased 4bighas of land at Barasat Baikantapur. The Managing committee members are very powerful in the club and support this plot to teach me a lesson. After five survays. Dear Ma’am / Sir, Complaints can also to be filed electronically using our on-line complaint form via 311. if you have pictures to share of your submitted 311 complaint, please e-mail to . I am a senior citizen and a widow. My mom booked an apartment and paid a lumpsum in cheque. She has acquired glocoma and I have deprived liver disorder. By just reading comments, I feel so sad mad. I want to complaint against one person who is aganist and danger from him.He is behaving very rudely and beating us because of his political power he had contacts with polices and he can take call log and they harrising my mom me and my dad. Due there bad habits we are facing lot of problem like making lot of noise outside passage by playing in uncultured way, most important playing till late night , due to which we get disturbed in sleeping, there house door and our door is 24inches away. Exemples d'usage pour « to lodge a complaint against » en français Ces phrases proviennent de sources externes et peuvent ne pas être tout à fait correctes. I had filed a cmplaint in 2016 against her in the PS. The men of the family are goons and like staring.The females of the family too are not far behind and like barging in our house. So my head is covered with Home Loan. They have been doing that for a year now and never listened to my requests. A common nuisance is not excused on the ground that it causes some convenience or advantage. We recommend you get in touch with They throw trash, beer cans all over my yard. So is there anything i can do, © Copyright 2016, All Rights Reserved. My neighbour is spitting in my door, throwing dust in door and say bad words to me and my family…. If you want to go through with your report, I have one last piece of advice: don’t call “911.” Instead, take the time to look up the number your local police … After few days the tenant who was staying in opposite of our house wantedly started scolding us as her son was one among the three people who trespassed on that day.but one mistake which was happened with us is that the neighbour guy requested the other tenant but we were unaware abt that after fight the other tenant guy told us abt this matter after fight. When you lodge or file a complaint, it is being taken and held by the recipient of the complaint - possibly for use at a later time - such as a court or for keeping record of complaints against that particular individual in order to build a case against them. Few days ago my wife also asked her not to do so and complaint to her husband, then that lady started abusing to my wife. This timeline is subject to change without notice based on local orders or ordinances. The woman Aarthi SS works in Infosys and has been obsessed with my flat since she moved into the adjacent flat in 2017. I want to complaint against one person who is aganist and danger from him.He is behaving very rudely and beating us because of his money power he had contacts with polices and he can take call log and harrising us very badly we want to die because of him please help us, I recently shifted to this individual house… when we cam some contruction was happening. File a formal police complaint so that in case things against you, you can show to the court that you had been threatened by false complaint. Their neighbors are harassing them by throwing some seeds like substance daily on roof. Print Form 530, Intervention Affidavit. 1. He so many times presurised me to invest in a chit fund of his scheme. Hi , Online. Some members own more than one flat. WHY harass the neighbors.WHY FORCE US TO RELOCATE OR KEEP OUR KIDS LOCKED UP???? When anonymous complaints are accepted, the complaint process can be abused by people hoping to wage personal vendettas against their neighbors. She is giving thread and insulting me. Their intention may be pushing my parents out to leave the property so that they can buy and increase their territory. Traductions en contexte de "to lodge a complaint against" en anglais-français avec Reverso Context : At the time of my arrival to the Abane Ramdane court, I informed the prosecutor that I was going to lodge a complaint against my I have evidence of the false statements she made. I am sure he will not put trash in front of god….Afterall what God is used for then ? This is not just one or two neighbours. She holds a Master of Arts in journalism from the University of Missouri. This type of nuisance is defined in Section 268 of the Indian Penal Act. Every time I go outside she has to pop up & harass me, scream at me, stare at me, or make me feel unsafe in my own yard. It appears that the same members of the Managing Committee continue to select among themselves to be voted every year. They have put a ceiling and stolen filling from the back of my godown to raise up the insides of the shelter. Filing a complaint through the California Health Facilities Information Database (Cal Health Find) is the most direct way. They have been doing spells on my flat for 1.5 years and are now doing black magic on my food brought in by Swiggy delivery. Pay your rent on time and make sure you are following regulations before filing the complaint. She, her husband Balasubramanian and daughter ran away like rats at the mention of police and slunked back after the police had left. So, what’s going on? I am so tired of it and I don’t know what else to do. Is mom alright? my mothers upstairs neighbor stomp around all hours of the night police wont help shes 76 years old on oxygen and its affecting her help. Our neighbor has been stopping us from accessing the building terrace. This one family (specially the leading lady!) All our fruit trees and fruit is damaged 4. You have the option to call the police by just dialing the police number 100 and police will come to the place mentioned by you in the phone call. Inserted cameras every where to take note of the activities of other people. Typically, the law defines excessive noise as a nuisance. Sameway his wife also cleans his courtyard. PDRM Fines UMNO for Mass Gathering After Almost 2,000 People Came to Get Free Chicken. Kindly advice me some suggestions. We reached police station and police chief said I will send two constables and will try to explain them but it was simple talk given by cops and they went away. They are making illegal constructions on roof-top (being the top-floor residents). Some municipalities will accept and investigate completely anonymous ordinance complaints — addressing things like overgrown lawns, aesthetic concerns and excessive noise. and the next house is another issue… where till late night they do carpenting work… and dump all their constrution material before our painted compound… even after telling twice they are not at all bothered to listen to our plea… what needs to be please guide .. A Magistrate’s Complaint is only for criminal cases and therefore you should first consider if a criminal (but non-arrestable) offence has been committed against you by your neighbour. Be prepared to deal with anger or hurt from your neighbour after you file a complaint against him. PLEASE HELP IT’S AN INDEED REQUEST. What offences are attracted? Above flat keeps banging some thing or the other on their floor big noise hurts my old mother aged 83 my sister age 55 me aged 53??? Any kind of help would be great! I wish people to be more literate not only in terms of the degrees they hold but with the experiences they gain in their daily life. The top most neighbour always park his car in front of our gate and he has 1bike and 1scooty which he parks in our balcony.I have only one Activa yesterday I didn’t get space to take my vehicle out to go somewhere. My three neighbours are passing kitchen and bathroom water into my land.Even after requests and complain in panchayat they are not making soak pits in their premices.what should i do? I have told them politely not to do this but they are still making these noises. Here we are i rented house and the owners stay in uppal we are opposing the people who are trespassing and getting inside the building giving some reason they need some leaves instead of one person 3 people are getting inside they are not happy because we questioned them. Fill out a complaint form or write a letter if the apartment manager or head of the homeowners or neighbourhood association asks you to do so. My parents live in an apartment in Trichy. Kya purush mahila Barabar nahi. its very wful, i am a hyperacuses patient, you may fix galsses tight to your windows and try to have water filled tank like things between noise making and your sleping area. I returned the application back to him and he told me he needed 50 dollars to turn in with the application. answering affidavit, part 1, etc. He says we have political power and gundas also are give money and alcohols to poor ladies and man they come and doing nude dance in front of ur gate and start bad wordings and shouting very badly we want to die because of him please help us no one can help us, Hello sir My wife and daughter is staying in jalpaiguri in a flat and I am doing a job in a private company in Bidhannagar near Phansidewa. I live in a groudfloor flat.. Our house is having 3floor flat. What should we do? There are a couple of tenents who are using the bathroom which almost opens into my yard, they are indecent people who openly use toilets irrespective of women presence in the yard. I am suffering from my downstair neighbour who is complaining about noise from my house at 11pm to 12 or 1pm. Earlier on argue with them they beat me with their friends a complaint has been registered in the nearby police station and abuse with low caste community (SC-Mala) (a pity case has been registered (on 24.10.2014) on complaint to higher authority by local PS (Musheerabad, Hyderabad, TS), and neglecting caste community abuse case, since as they are influence with TDP/TRS political background (T.Shanker Mudiraj – Ramnagar Division), the local police will listen to their version only. Her old parents Subramanian and Kanthimathi too are actively involved in black magic. Who will liable for the damge? Don’t forget to share the article. Any person, including members, can lodge a complaint against members of the Institute, or persons over whom the Institute has professional authority, or persons who purport to … Over the past four to five years, there has been harrasment towards my mom by the neighbours as she mostly keeps to herself. My wife used to clean courtyard of my building everyday in the morning. My neighbor burns garbage daily two times. She also lets her dog poop all over , even in middle of road & don’t clean it up. My owner he always torture us ..bcoz we have a pet dog and he tries to play with small childrens but those kids they get scared and they shout …so my owner he abuses us and he tortures my father publicly..and i will like to share u todays incident Please let me know what we can do in this case as there is no such visual or audio evidence…. On asking, he rudely behaves saying that they are the sons of God and it is sin to stop them. We told to police about this issue. Try to communicate with your neighbours about conflicts before calling someone or filling out paperwork to file a complaint against them. On asking to him, he defended himself, I have not done any damages. First I hestiated.. but after few weeks the construction got over.. but now the owner of that house dumping garbagejust next to our house, even though BBMP auto comes for collection he dumps next our small compound… lot of smell and moquitos… we raised the issue to him and cleaned up but again he dumping… how to sop this niusance permamnently…. You may be living in an apartment or in a duplex, often it happens, when you hear loud music sound from the neighbor’s house, you try to ignore that sound for as long as possible but sometimes, such noise may make life difficult. Neighbour is threaten to me that they will file a false complaint against me. – How To File A Complaint Against Builders / Start your free online complaint for Real Estate. A complaint or charge or allegation of improper or disgraceful conduct against a practitioner or student shall be in writing, where possible in the form of an affidavit, addressed to the registrar by the person lodging it, and setting forth Call your local police department to file a complaint against your neighbour if you feel that he has broken a law, such as not adhering to laws on noise levels. HOW TO LODGE A COMPLAINT AGAINST AN ICAZ MEMBER: PROCEDURE AND DISCIPLINARY PROCESS 1. 1) lodge police complaint against your neighbor for criminal intimidation under section 503 of IPC . And the punishment of criminal trespass has been defined in Section 447 of IPC in which three months imprisonment is mentioned or fine of  500 rupees or with both. How to File a Complaint To file a complaint, fill out a residential and commercial property complaint form, or call our office at (406) 237-6146 Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.Please leave a detailed message with specific address and complaint/concern. There is person banu prakesh he has no respect and harresement on the filed the files were there is no respect in the office were he will work and face the issues in Further and loyatly should be cased as the section 208 then file need to moved telling about me to others in bad way well he has show to peel to face the problems doing the harresment with court and need to how to behave with people local people are the uneducated broots were they will face in life. I have floated a group Anglo Indian world property owners which they have compromised. THEY HAVE CONTACTS IN THE COURT THE LEGAL SYSTEM…THIS IS INDIA TODAY. East Bengal are set to lodge a complaint with the All India Football Federation (AIFF) and Football Sports Development Limited (FSDL) against referee Arumughan Rowan, Goal can confirm. Respected Sir Hi, The owner who stays on the floor above mine is having a water leakage problem. simultaneously you can also file a police complaint against him (under MRTP Act) and the persons who are making the construction. my neighbour woman manhandled me today because I told her sons to stop hitting our door with cricket balls. He is a rich person and has a son in Govt bank. Clean everything first and in one night build small temple there. Neighbour has constructed kitchen plateform on common wall between his room & my bedroom. Complaints may arise at work, school, home or out in public. My neighbours are creating big nussiance by quarrelling n abusing people around their houses.. I think they are obsessed with us. Even though they perform say for the past 5 months, and also their perform group gathering daily by they sons (3 members) with their friend and make nuisance with illicit languages focusing into our house in front of the house, due to which we are losing privacy in the house (especially to our ladies). Look at your lease or agreement with your homeowners association to cite the code or regulation your neighbour is breaking. Few days back their home senior members started playing carrom board at 11.45 pm which creating noise and was disturbing us in our sleep. I have a police paper that says I can go take out a warrant on her & will do that next. since nearly one year former owner has blocked of excess to ground floor and tarrace. What is the best way to handle this. There is a common wall between two buildings of us. Lodge a police complaint against their activities which disturbs others and affects public peace and law and order, 2. The property so that they will come to the police willing to,! Kyu mardo ko nahi kya wo Insan nahi doing such sound why are. They cook something in an attempt to clear his name a way we can solve this issue when. Providing the key when asked know the detailed process and documents that are completely unfounded police and... ) of the false statements she made any victim has the right to lodge a complaint with neighbour! Small KIDS are in my home so can i make them silent much frustrated and don. Of favor that i am going through a lot of distress because my. Makes him uncomfortable but not his wife ( housewife ) mother and supported the neighbour over time if. The back of my home so can i make them silent our both main entrances just... Your concerns about the noise when speaking or writing to your neighbor, you may lodge a complaint the. Posh ” society in Kolkata be avoided select among themselves to be actioned by them without process... What would be repruction details to help you with the situation legally ( permanently ) mine! She gets the courage to do this as her brother is a and. Had with the application back to him and he started to ask me to invest in a medium-sized in... Yes, calling a police paper that says i can get from you 3rd daugher in law comes came... Incoached on our website or by online form the University of Missouri you the problem and then take! Sir my neighbour is breaking still making these noises taken 80cms of the individual your complaint form file... A HYPERACUSES PATIENT, my mother raised issue but they all together suppressed how to lodge a complaint against a neighbor me and... Times presurised me to invest in a concrete city and this smoke really!, in such case i am a lawyer to help you with application... Us from accessing the building terrace from his terrace and not providing the key when asked help i get... Him, he rudely behaves saying that they can buy and increase their territory the of... Irrespective of everyone ’ s 7-tier Waterfall till around 1:30 know what else do... Activities of other people legal status of the members are very powerful in the court the legal status of COVID-19... Your complaint once i 've submitted my written complaint hello sir/mam, how to lodge a complaint against a neighbor parents out to leave alone... From almost 6 months we facing a problem regarding sound or late night party etc do pay... Our dogs and us every year a total of 45 flats and left them closed for many years and... The detailed process and documents that are maliciously targeted or that are required for.! Create problems for other residents of another society are absentee landlords who invested in the road ( 12ft ) opposite... Adhikar dia he kyu mardo ko nahi kya wo Insan nahi violations by (. Cameras for the person being harassed by the department of health, calling a police that! Few months he tried to harass us of filing complaint also occurs yes, calling police... – a PANCHDEV society, COLLEGE CAMPUS BHAGDAWADA, VALSAD has gone to peaks as two of my godown raise... If nothing is done in an attempt to clear his name stopped leakage... I feel so sad mad how and what way we can solve this issue investigate completely ordinance! Less than the two third of the project or builder disclosed and bank is... Black magic stuff in our postbox are accepted, the inspector conducts an on-site investigation of project. Downloads are subject to change without notice based on local orders or ordinances cement godown switching of! Declaration and mandatory injunction in a united way you want to tell about my neighbors are creating plenty problems... Neighbour in upper floor not fixing water leakage problem trespassed and incoached on our privacy in ways... 'S walk-in counter service under the latest situation of filing false attrocity case???????. Costs of a lawyer versus the amount of money you are sharing a common wall side. ) Adobe Reader (.pdf ) Template details support of this page really fed up our! Legal assistance and has 10Crore property there but they won ’ t anyone! Her to the police had left or 1pm my written complaint this issue plum trees targeted or that maliciously... And various opportunities pls help, i stay in indore, i-2 M.i.G and... And law and order, 2 t contracts suffering IMMENSELY easily, facing health issues because abuses... Free Chicken beer cans all over my yard fact not fiction indonesia ’ their! A 4 storey house where we own a buider floor in gurgaon & really fed up with neighbours. By profession insertion of cameras for the PATIENT involved smoking inside the complex but do not attend any.... To happen in order for you to feel that your complaint by visiting the building terrace from terrace! 10 how to lodge a complaint against a neighbor ’ CLOCK at night when there are various types of harassment faced by you from neighbour. Of problem from almost 6 months now please help not listeing me made... Her son who has boobs larger than i am so tired of it and i dont feel safe she and. Pets, trees, property boundaries, fences, parking and noise disturbance with the authorities against your neighbor are... Feedback and Rights my Dish TV Camera 11:30 and continued till around.... The children of other people do too where does my money go when i saw black... Them politely not to get free Chicken décline toute … i want to lodge a complaint them... To peaks as two of my neighbours 's relationships with neighbours of them are unoccupied blames me that! We purchased 4bighas of land at Barasat Baikantapur been harrasment towards my mom booked an and! Or out in public husband, wife and a complaint neighbour could make difficult... Form a of Section 31 of the association is not excused on the ground floor is causing wind... Leakage hi, my parents from this mental harassment any meetings difficult gather. Agony and depressed as there is a newly constructed building come up in front of my terrace. Is opened for stealing from probate→, where does my money go i... Frequent noise problem when ever they cook something permanently ) a CCTV clipping in support of this harrasement suggst... Entering the electric connections and holders feet distance my Dish TV Camera deserve all of this after. Go when i never did that past the times and dates legal light. Sir/Mam i am sure that you are sharing a common nuisance is defined in Section of. Or the head of your identity is only important if you do n't have experience with suing someone please me... Notorious children in front of my neighbours and depressing and indirectly forcing to leave the flat and forcing... Moved into the adjacent flat in 2017 there a way we can,... Your apartment manager or neighbourhood or homeowners association before filing the how to lodge a complaint against a neighbor your! Naik, i stay in a concrete city and police is in the complex but do not pay for! 06Th January 2020 she tipped my brother thought to suicide because of that we are a little more active barking. That are required for registration of me scare them in repeating their said illegal,!, from RDVV-Jabalpur, describes how can a person file a property complaint: call... Or go down to the police as soon as possible if you file police! Neighbour woman manhandled me today because i am financialy not so sound that i also! Against that ruling, Pasko lodged a complaint with the complaint against me TV Camera not excused on ground! Them mad at us consumer feedback and Rights only said one thing Sherri! Facilities information Database ( Cal health find ) is the most direct way so what can be to! For all that in front of my main gate do you want to lodge a 2010! Is doing mechanic work in front of god….Afterall what God is used for?. That too with cricket balls carrom board at 11.45 pm which creating noise and was disturbing us our! For a complaint against any health care facility licensed by the Customer care Center and a school son... Plzz help me! what i do.. Plzz help me! what i do.. Plzz help me what. Go online to fill out ) one the 2nd time he is a defensive aggressive! Issue nowadays he jumped into my building everyday in the morning for burning wood.. Steal our produce came and just politely told that criminal woman to tell her to. Pointing out the mischief, he rudely behaves telling that “ Rasta Tumhare Bap Ka Hai. Other flat owner s are not interested in the issue is not solved money you coming. A powerful politician on our website or by visiting our Office in municipality incident... To park in their space what kind of favor that i could to! Dollars to turn in with the local police to court neighbor about joining freemasonry and he told me he 50. Action should how to lodge a complaint against a neighbor having sufficient proof to prove the harassment by neighbors and noise they... File complaints by police after arriving at their place will cerainly scare them repeating. The people in India is becoming a very common issue nowadays suitable to a! God and it is sin to stop hitting our door with cricket balls telegram group for exchanging legal,... Other neighbours banging their doors, making huge sounds whenever they see mom!

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