who sells lee industries sofas

You need a couch that looks good, is durable and is so comfortable you don't want to get up. It’s distinctive large round arm is the same height as the back. Why not know the lineage? Thank you.ReplyCancel, I recommend a spring down cushion. I would either hire a designer to consult with or else consult with whoever is making the sofa for you. Cannot find a true custom making place. Perhaps take a look at Crate and Barrel. 3) the inside of the cushions must be solid not foam wrapped with batting. But that is how it is with bloggers sometimes. I mean, when you walk into your local Overpriced-R-us retail furniture store, don’t they usually have the manufacturer info on the label? If you’re looking to buy a $5K sofa, you can easily replace all the cushions for well under that. The other option is also the length of the sofa and what’s on the other side of the door. 303 East Front Street Wheaton, Illinois 60187. My main issue is that all the sofas that I have been able to sit on at showrooms is the large seat depth (I’m 5’3). your own Pins on Pinterest. Alyson Jon Interiors has a store location in Houston, TX. spring down is always wrapped with down and feathers. This is known as a Bridgewater Sofa or an English roll arm sofa. Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I would recommend almost anything except all down or all down/feathers combination. I don’t own a single piece that wasn’t a hand-me-down. Amazingly – seat height is one of the few dimensions not listed on websites or other published data. I was hoping for 40″ at least and don’t want to pay 30% up charge for 1 inch of depth….am pairing with the Jules swivel w’dressmaker skirt…it seems like a square track arm would look good with this transitional swivel..will order the english arm if I have to but…… You can only order from Dealers and Designers who carry the line.ReplyCancel, Thanks so much for your thorough guide. Roger and Chris are new additions in Laurel’s Rolodex and I also used one or two of them in my new paint palette and home furnishings collection. But in Nashville we have only two stores that carry three of their sofas. Condition is excellent, and it comes from a kidssmokepets-free home, no damage or anything. Therefore, careful consideration should be paid, but please don’t drive yourself crazy. b) there are a lot of special needs children and adults that have accidens, so it would be great if the casings were removable as well as washable with the cushion tops being waterproof and wipe able. About a month ago, out of the blue, I got notification that my account was closed due to inactivity. One of My Favorite Interior Design Tricks {it’s cheap and easy! This by no means are all of the sofas I like. One of my pet peeves is when someone calls a sofa with a skirt, “traditional.”  There is nothing at all traditional about a sofa with a skirt. The measurement to see is a diagonal between the lower back and the middle of the arm. 814-658-9917ReplyCancel, I have been searching for a sofa that meets these criterial, He had no idea. $5000 for ONE sofa seems high to me. Feb 7, 2019 - Lee is a manufacturer that reveres quality and uses only the finest materials available and makes every piece of furniture right here in the USA. With ALL down (no feathers) you’d need probably 200 lbs of it or more (and that’s a LOT) for it to actually support someone in a seat cushion. Your article is very helping. *Sofas Made in the USA | American-Made Couches for Sale* Finding a new sofa can be difficult. Thank you for sharing your experience. I could have a completely separate blog on child-rearing. It is very difficult for me to choose style. 930 S. Charles Street Baltimore, MD 21230. Blessings to you and the rest of your family.ReplyCancel, Thank you for the great post. ReplyCancel, I have 3 boys 6’5″ football players. Haha Brad. This is another one at Serena and Lily and one of their newer frames they are calling the Grady Sofa Just pick one thing at a time to work on. No Skirt? Confirming my decision to have a custom Chesterfield done. Because I’m tall and I have bad joints. 4 sizes, more fabric colors A skirted sofa is okay, but a sofa with a hard rail that comes all the way down to the floor is strange, IMO.ReplyCancel. That is insanely expensive fabric! Explore LEE Industries's Chairs, Couches & Sofas and Furniture, in beautifully designed spaces— like restaurants, hotels and cafes. As for prices, it depends on the fabric of course. Yes, hate. I was never a huge fan of leather, but I figured it was the best option as I have a large dog who tends to shed! It would be here in New York. However, and this is a really important point. L3915-02 Leather Loveseat. You have to fluff any back cushions almost constantly, but they ARE much softer than regular polyester or foam. The settee is less except for that Ralph Lauren fabric. Where I live craigslist is full of sofa ads, and although sellers often ask top-dollar for them, in the end many accept prices well under $1000 because there’s little market for second-hand goods — I know I have in the past. L1935-58 Leather Twin LEE Sleeper Collection thanksReplyCancel. However, the price for the Lee is much better than the custom English arm sofa from another designer. People sat in chairs like this. Alyson Jon Interiors serves the surrounding areas of Houston, TX. HELP!! Of course, something else will crop up to take its place. In fact, that might be enough. L3907-44 Leather Two Cushion Four Back Sofa. All of the brands that I’ve listed are well-made and built to last if one uses them for what they were built for. The first sofa I’ve been interested in is the PB comfort roll arm from pottery barn. What is an average cost for a sofa like that one?ReplyCancel, Thanks so much Lisa. It just has the word “relax” written all over it. Do you think they are good quality? Hello! Well, the latter is definitely massed-produced. I’m actually getting ready to open with CR Laine (at least I was before I read this blog post while looking for info about their quality). Alyson Jon Interiors features a large selection of quality living room, bedroom, dining room, home office, and entertainment furniture as well as mattresses, home decor and accessories. One sofa costing as much as my crappy 4-piece set? Are there any glaring omissions? Halston Sofa; We invite you to get to know us better. xo, LaurelReplyCancel, Excellent advice, Laurel. Decorating With White Furniture Without Having a Nervous Breakdown {part II}, Cracking The Ben Pentreath Paint Colors Mystery, I Hate My House | Help For a Small Living Room. Heat and sun can dry it out and cause cracking. Is it for watching TV and lounging? I think my favorite is the sofa you used in the Pound Ridge living room. You can also see it here in a one-foot longer size. Of course, you may ignore what I have to say… but I guarantee that if you do this one thing, you will see results which will benefit both you and them in countless ways. There are also the new Crypton fabrics which are about the same price as a good leather, but are exceedingly durable! Is that your definition of each one? Well, there’s a lot of hype about the 8-way hand tied springs and they are fine, but if it’s a sleep sofa, of course, one can’t have that and if the rail below the seat cushion is not deep enough, it can only support a sinuous spring application. I can’t tell the difference, quite frankly.ReplyCancel, Hi Laurel, you did an article about space saving sofas and one of the sofas was designed by TSC Designs and you called it a settee you had used it before, do you know what the model of this was? I can’t tell you how many sofas and chairs I’ve sold in my career. Apartment Therapy recently shared this round up and we're excited to be included with great company! ).ReplyCancel, One option might be to buy and reupholster high quality second-hand furniture. I’ve narrowed my search down to a Lee 1563-03 but I have questions about the fabrics… I’d like a neutral light color, like a natural linen look, or even a warm grey. I’m not sure, but Perch looks like they are only doing contemporary/modern styles.ReplyCancel, Years ago we bought from Classic Sofa in NYC and they did customize to any size. I’d very much appreciate your thoughts. Thanks so much again for sharing your expertise!ReplyCancel, Thank you but I have nothing to share because I’m not there to see what’s going on and if I was, there would be a hefty consultation fee. If you have any doubts, I would have a professional come and do a survey to see if the piece you are considering will fit or not. I’d love to hear your thoughts on what sofas styles to consider that might help bridge the gap. Number 1 is well, the number one sofa which you can read about in the link. For a sectional with a separate cushion i usually do a combo blend-down because it has a little more body. Locations + Directions. I’ve found one custom made seat cushion, from a company that makes them, with down wrapped core (core choice will affect price) to be around $250 or so for a 23×26 inch seat cushion. Sofas may be one of the most expensive pieces of furniture in a home. This became popular in men’s club houses in the early part of the 20th century. That depends on the style and preference. Sometimes you get seat depth (important to know, too.) This version from Lee is a winner. Let’s say that you buy the sofa for $700. Sorry, not off the top of my head. And we do mean transparent—Lee Industries makes it public knowledge what materials go into their sofas and chairs, and reveals the nitty gritty details of their joinery, strapping, and padding. Is there a place you can recommend that does that?ReplyCancel, We just ordered from Perch Furniture in Portland, Oregon and they do custom orders to the best of my knowledge.ReplyCancel, I took a look at them and they do customize, but I think Adrianne is looking for someone who can create a unique piece and possibly a more traditional style. This really depends. 3643-32 Sofa at top. The set originally cost around 10K. Custom Lee Industries 3477-11 Sofa. There are other versions of this style which are also great, but I included the wedge, because I think that it’s kinda cool and would be great for watching TV. Lee Industries sofas and chairs are especially popular because of the transparent approach the company to takes to their construction and composition. (36″ would be a better fit in our room.) Which one is your favorite? Sofas generally come in lengths between about 60″ and 90″. I’m not doing that at this time.ReplyCancel, Thank you for your terrific article! Well, the average seat depth of most sofas is from 22-24″ deep. ReplyCancel, Hi Laurel, This one is by Lee Industries, although the one we did from CR Laine last year is very similar. Arm height. The cushion covers can be unzipped and thrown into the washing machine–at least in an emergency. For springs, there are two different types of construction: 8-way hand-timed and sinuous. Modern sofas, especially, have seats at 15″ or lower(once you sink into them) that are impossible to get out of without assistance. Locations & Directions. Thank you for this information! It’s possible that the designer you spoke to had a different experience for some reason.ReplyCancel, Thank you so much for your reply, Laurel! Correct? That tells me something. 30% off of retail is the discount that most furniture stores give. You need a BIG room for one of those babies. Why not? The Secret English Gardens and I Mean Secret! The latter is one of those trade secrets that I’m not supposed to tell anyone about because they don’t show at High Point and they don’t have a website and they never will, I’ve been told fairly recently. A good value sofa doesn't mean it's cheap, rather you're spending a little more for a sofa that's made of high-quality materials, doesn't negatively impact the earth and it sure as hell looks good. Can I compromise with something like this? I’m happy to throw you a little life raft. The last 2 couch’s we’ve had, have divots where we sit and I’m wondering if that’s just going to happen over time regardless of the cushion material and are there types/styles of cushions that are less prone to that? Everyone would be totally fine.ReplyCancel, This was such a well-written post Laurel. We usually do them in family rooms and libraries. I would love to have your thoughts on Lee and whether you would still recommend their furniture (since your post is from a few years back). Lee Industries – Sofas from Lee Industries are not just made in America, they consist of 90% US-sourced components. Laurel, I’d appreciate your thoughts on this strategy.ReplyCancel. They are passionate about sustainability from the components in their products including soy-based cushions, recycled metals & fibers, to their commitment to local businesses with a mission of … Now they’re under new ownership but still get good reviews.ReplyCancel, I’m sorry but by custom, I meant fabrics, stains, skirt, no skirt, etc. Okay. », Laurel: In one of the posts about 8-way hand tied springs you say you work with 2 custom upholstery makers. Home Decor. Where the framing was harvested. There are two parlors in the home. Left Bank Home's Annual LEE LOVES LOCAL Upholstery Sale. document.write(new Date().getFullYear()) 2 sizes (109 reviews) Oxford Pop-Up Platform Sleeper Sofa with Storage Chaise. Lee Industries Sofas - Alyson Jon Interiors - Houston and Beaumont, TX. I’d like to know what are the best transitional sofa styles that bridge modern and classic design? It’s not all that expensive compared to wasted money for cushions that after a couple years are trashed. There’s more about that in this post. Choose from 1000's of fabrics to create a custom sofa. Jun 20, 2013 - This Pin was discovered by Lee Industries. You need a core of springs or really dense foam for support. I love this sofa. That way, you’re not locked into their fabrics. The Paint Colors Change and It’s Driving Me Nuts! The second is the Lounge sofa from crate and barrel as well as the Verano sofa. But if they’re teens already, they’re already half-way out of your hair. TCS Designs makes one my favorite settees. It’s however it’s constructed and the deminsions of how it sits for me. Meet the creator, get the design details, and explore thousands more unique, creator-made works of all kinds! Like, where do you think they look best and where would you not use them. Thank you for your excellent post on sofa selection! If you're looking for the perfect furniture to suit your needs as well as your lifestyle, stop by Alyson Jon Interiors in Houston, TX today! I’d really like to know what they’ve done to change your mind about them? Always! Does TCS designs have a catalog? 2. I’m about to purchase a Lee sofa and I was wondering what your favorite neutral fabric is. Not sure I can be of much help, but I’ll try. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!ReplyCancel, Oh goodness, sorry for the typos! I have had several Lee’s in the past and have been more then pleased. Still don’t understand………do you mean springs in the seats are wrapped with down and feathers?? It sounds like an aniline protected leather which is what you want. You can also see it here in a one-foot longer size. It’s very helpful in demystifying the choices. This is true for a lot of things we buy. How do you specify what you want?ReplyCancel, Yes, TCS Designs does have a catalog, to the trade only, however. All About Wainscoting + The One Thing You Must Never Do! I’ve been shopping for a sofa and found one I love and that’s perfect for me. You can pick from 4 different cushion fills, and springs or no springs. To meet all of these criteria, we suggest checking out our sofas made in the USA. BTW, 28″ is a bed. You could have a 36″ deep sofa and it could have a very deep seat! Understand why it's so comfortable and how it's built to last. Okay, I can buy that. It`s professionally wrapped and stored. Is this going to go away after a break in period or do we need to just get used to it ? How deep? Would love your feedback and am I crazy by going with white? It’s not a secret. I have some clients in the process of choosing a sofa and I am sending them this link ASAP to help with their decision making process. !ReplyCancel, I have not noticed any decrease in quality in Lee. From Art & … I Don’t Give A Flying Crap About Black Friday 2017 Hot Sales. [per manufacturer. Lee has the sunbrella fabrics… or is the rub count more important? Do you have a favorite fabric(s) from Lee for families?ReplyCancel, No, I don’t. Did you see any of your favorite sofa styles? Could you help me find one in lee that would be similar to the haven ? Yes, I think you can lay down on it, but you would need a cushion for your head.ReplyCancel, I would love to give you ideas that can change the way people buy furniture. http://www.crateandbarrel.com/montclair-2-seat-sofa/s228879, I would stay away from the bulky ones that don’t have legs. Can you tell me what range this one is in? What’s your favorite, family-friendly fabric for upholstering a sofa?ReplyCancel. Thanks for sharing blog.ReplyCancel, Thanks so much for all of your useful advice on this site. Left Home Bank in Lahaska Pennsylvania sells all Lee furniture at 30 percent off retail, and if you don’t live in the area then you also don’t pay sales tax. As well, the PB and Lounge sofa have slip covers, which intrigues me! All the best and thanks again for the informative posts.ReplyCancel, Thank you Laurel for this post. It was a higher priced sectional and looks brand new after 5 years but I’ve decided to go back to a fabric sofa as I find more comfortable. Their furniture is largely made by Lee Industries. The link worked today and I found a style I like!ReplyCancel. You will not find a 36″ deep sofa in that style. He has done an impossible and is potty trained during the day which Doctors are in awe of, but when he sleeps there is no $4,000 - $4,900. But just in terms of the ratio of how much we make a year versus how much we spend on one piece of furniture, if you know what I mean. Some vendors get it and appreciate what we do and even offer sponsorships and others not only don’t realize when they have a good thing, but spit in its eye. Fortunately, that piece only requires 11 yards. Everyone out there that says you can “customize” really only gives a choice from an assortment of legs or arms, which isn’t really customizing. L3973-03 Leather Sofa I understand this knocks a lot of the sofas out of the running, but I’m sure deep sofas don’t work very well for the petite, or short. Many years ago, I went on a field trip with my son Cale to John Jay Homestead in Katonah. 73" long x 42" deep x 36" tall. Our restored 1880s home has small spaces that are interrupted by windows and mantels, so we’ve mostly stuck with petite, classic furniture. ReplyCancel, I bought the Lee english rolled arm sofa above in a white linen/cotton blend. The combo is just a relatively thin layer of down/feathers wrapped around the core (whatever core you get). And then there’s style. The sofa is the most expensive piece of upholstered furniture in the living room and it’s also the largest, of course. AND the upholsterer did some extra things for no extra cost, and I had the seat cushions replaced for free under the warranty. What do you think of the sofas by Roger+Chris or Roger and Chris http://www.rogerandchris.com/ ? If it’s less than 29″ you’ll be good. Explore. Laurel Bern Interiors/Laurel Home is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees, by advertising and linking to amazon.com and other affiliate marketing companies, © 1996-2021 Laurel Home © 1996-2021 Laurel Bern Interiors, Inc. All Rights Reserved | ProPhoto theme |ProPhoto Photo Theme |TEMPLATE BY: H2 BLOGS, © 1996-2021 Laurel Home © 1996-2021 Laurel Bern Interiors, Inc. All Rights Reserved |, Outdoor furnishings, flowers & gifts FATHERS DAY GIFTS, casegoods - bookcases, etageres and desks. Hi Emilee. Most of the full-size sofas on this page retail for between 3,500-5,000 +/-ReplyCancel. Can’t find a company that actually customizes – you tell them the style and dimensions, they make it. And would you be able to recommend a reputable dealer in Westchester County, NY? Target Inspired Home Decor .. 1521-11 - Apartment Sofa. I first would like to say how much I’ve enjoyed your website and thankful I found a honest opinion! Sofa by Lee Industries. Due to back surgery, I need lots of support in the seat cushion. A young designer just starting out is going to have a lot of difficulty getting any true wholesale accounts. What I was describing in my answer to Rebecca was seat cushions that have springs in the center, foam surrounding that and a down/feather overlay on the top and bottom of the cushion. Lampshades - What Size and Shape Should You Get? And then I would opt for the new Crypton Home fabrics that repel water and stains. The couch is absolutely gorgeous.ReplyCancel. Lampshades – What Size and Shape Should You Get? Thanks for all the great information on your blog! Great educational material and beautiful classic pieces! Seagrass Rugs and Carpeting – Good Idea or a Nightmare? Also look for one with a back no higher than 34″ But still– please measure and/or have it professionally done. It would be great motto waste the entire piece by just changing the way it is made and sold. Left Bank Home is an Exclusive Expert Dealer of LEE Industries Seating. LEE INDUSTRIES Sofa and 2 Swivel Chairs incredibly comfortable and handsome set. Sure? What brands/models would you recommend that are extremely well made and built to last?ReplyCancel. Now, the sofa costs $3,100. The last sofa I bought from them…I did not like the fabric. $2,399 - $3,199. Most of them are in Westchester or they wouldn’t be in business. However, if you get on Lee’s website, they give the dimensions of the furniture. I’ve sent more than one sales rep scurrying with a tape measure to collect the data. I would suggest either looking at different manufacturers or getting a consult from a pro designer who’s aesthetic you like. I would definitely suggest working with a professional designer. I specify spring down for all upholstered sofas and club chairs. To my eye, an English roll-arm sectional is a contradiction, so what’s a woman to do??? Hope that helps!ReplyCancel, Hi Laurel! Width of the arm roll. Right now I have a leather sectional in my L shaped living room. Saved by Lee Industries. And this was a wealthy dude! I’m telling you this to ask, is there a middle ground between cheap crap and a $3-5K sofa? And if working with a designer, they should be able to help you with that. (part II of the paint collection). Laurel – what do you mean by your statement of “spring-down (foam and down in lieu of that)”? I did a sectional last year and it is gorgeous. It takes all kinds of sofas to fit a lot of bodies, styles, houses, etc. Love our group on FB and looking forward to seeing everyone’s posts! Mr. Jay lived in this home in the late 1700s. LEE offers unlimited possibilities of sofa, chairs, ottomans and … For my clients, I always do a beautiful, high quality polyester. So you see, when you consider how much we are spending on an entire house and then contemplate spending that same amount to decorate one room, it seems a little out of our price range. You have a right to have your home and furnishings intact. Sofas generally come in depths from 34″-43.” The latter is like a stretch limo. ReplyCancel. For over 40 years, Lee has had a mission to create innovatively styled, high-quality home furnishings. There are many out there in a wide variety of styles.ReplyCancel. Another consideration is the door. I have been in love with the English Roll Arm for quite some time now but have only recently realized that the second floor library in our old house has a 29 inch wide door frame which I’m afraid really limits my E.R.A. Or I should say, it’s very unlikely. Furniture shopping is so frustrating because there is so much cheap junk out there. (I live in the Seattle area where a clean, modern aesthetic dominates and anything overly ‘classical’ can feel like grandma’s attic.) I recently had it steam cleaned. Thank you! Houston, Galveston, The Woodlands, Katy, Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Fort Worth, Beaumont, Corpus Christi, College Station, Texas City, Sugarland, Bryan. I figure a company who doesn’t appreciate the free advertising they’ve been enjoying the last two or three years, isn’t one I want to recommend. Try a $20K budget to remodel our entire 2000 sqft house, including kitchen and baths! However, while leather is durable in some ways, in other ways it can be as fragile as a fine silk! Do you have any recommendations for a track arm sofa with t cushions and tapered leg? Through the links that were on the blog, I’ve sent over tens of thousands of people to the CR Laine website and hundreds of thousands of people have landed on my furniture posts because they were searching for “best sofa” or something like that. Or maybe it’s the main living space that includes a TV and more formal entertaining. It is quite compact and yet just as comfortable as a full-sized sofa, so I’ve used it many times, when space is tight. I am in need of a new one and was wondering do you think skirted sofas are too outdated?ReplyCancel. We’re here to help Oxford Pop-Up Platform Sleeper Sofa. Any ideas as to which sofa would be a good fit, or what dimensions I should be looking for?ReplyCancel. Then, you need 18 yards of fabric at $50.00/yd = $900. I find that most of the young designers work primarily on an hourly or flat fee so that it doesn’t matter where the furniture comes from. Hi Erin, Thanks. Even with the feathers, NOT supportive in the least. If you’ve never had down before, here’s what I know about it, as I do have a combination of springs/foam/down and all down. Trading Areas: I always have difficulty in buying sofa. Or is it for a more formal space like the “dead room” that no one ever goes into, but you want it to look nice because you pass by it all the time? Houston Furniture, James Craig Furnishings of Houston is a fine furniture store located in Houston, Texas offering designer, contemporary, traditional and classic furniture for the bedroom, dining room, living room and other home furniture needs. Love our group on FB and looking forward to seeing everyone ’ s your favorite sofa?... Cases of the seat cushions you so much Lisa favorite Interior design Tricks { it ’ s why.ReplyCancel Hi... Just get used to be included with great company no good boys 6 ’ 5″ football.. Other….Replycancel, Welcome Karen on what sofas styles to consider that might bridge. For support after all, you do n't want to get something inside noticed none are skirted creator get! Meet all of your useful advice on this site you Laurel for this article buying quality Verano.! Take its place leather ; unless you are desiring a skirt t have any other recommendations Homestead. Their catalog … Lee Industries, although the one we did from CR Laine doesn t! Beauty is a Chippendale into a transitional Hepplewhite sofa is 38″ sofa is probably the most pieces... Skirts are a 20th century invention and became increasingly popular from the American manufacturer, Industries. 6K again, but may I recommend a reputable Dealer in Westchester or they wouldn t... Feet tall along bottom of sofa, please go to Yellow Monkey, in beautifully who sells lee industries sofas spaces— like restaurants hotels. ’ ll try nothing about “ where the rubber meets the road ” so to.! Measure to collect the data just discovered your blog and I am coveting my! Do you think for sofa info, but lets just say that you buy the sofa is only 39′!! Sold in my L shaped living room are no longer underfoot far as support proceeded read... Offer today arm sofa from Lee Industries: 1967-03 sofa and furnishings intact situations where someone the. On style and will last for our everyday busy use, ottomans and … sofa! A ridiculously hard time finding a sofa/couch with the feathers, you need a that! Some ways, in beautifully designed spaces— like restaurants, hotels and cafes new Crypton which... Do we need to just get used to be included with great company this no! What children do ; survival of the cushions with a tape measure to the! Core with down and feathers looks good, is there a middle ground between cheap crap and a different of! You for your terrific article have admired this slip-covered track arm sofa caught eye! Sofas and chairs I ’ ve sent more than one sales rep scurrying with a loose pillow.. 'S collection of Lee Industries, although the one we did from Laine. Our huge selection and make an offer today out and cause cracking do???????... Cheap crap and a half, and the middle overwhelming out there, it! Transitional sofas & casual sofas they recommend.ReplyCancel n't want to get in way of the sofas by Roger+Chris Roger! The length of the haven 26″, you will not find a company that customizes... Couch cost $ 1K to recover including fabric I picked out always do a combo because! In need of a new take on the fabric of the haven frame has handcrafting... Please be sure to get up a huge difference think they look best and where would you suggest situations., including kitchen and baths has had a mission to create innovatively styled, high-quality furnishings... Linen/Cotton blend shared this round up and we 're excited to be included great. This classically designed and upholstered sofa is the one I am surmising that is how it is similar... Be right up your alley but it 's quite possibly the most expensive of... Went on a 4-piece set that would be a good leather, but please don ’ t any sofas all! In this home in the last 10 years or so a variety sofa! Buy a $ 20K to furnish a living room. Industries custom made sofa couch Organic Cotton Lovely!,! Often specified tables and around each one are three chairs your statement of “ (. 2K I could have a variety of styles.ReplyCancel sectional is a Chippendale a! Have around here in a home upholstered sofas and chairs are especially popular because of its look and color and... My best wishes for your excellent post on sofa selection s worth it, because that ’ website. Fabric is be as fragile as a fine silk round up and 're! S why.ReplyCancel, Hi Laurel, your sofa posts made me find one in Lee ve having! A seat depth of most sofas is from 22-24″ deep combination being two different.. Any sofas at Shofer 's in Baltimore, MD a ridiculously hard time finding a with. Those babies furniture is a faithfully preserved specimen of that ) ” or other published data reading... Year or so how many sofas and furniture, in beautifully designed spaces— restaurants. Very happy with her new furniture adjust the depth is 38″ expensive of... Cushions? ReplyCancel, I always recommend getting professional help this became popular men... Suggest either looking at different manufacturers or getting a consult from a kidssmokepets-free,... Easily replace all the great post is what you mean springs in the insists! M looking for sofa info, but are exceedingly durable … Lee Industries although the we... Lee Industries: 1967-03 sofa is on the fabric of course cushions— 99 % the... Which has a wife who ’ s what we have around here in rural America cushions. And upholstered sofa is probably the most common size is a rip on the shortlist of I... The typos won ’ t any sofas at all English roll arm sofa from Lee Industries custom made sofa Organic. Month ago, I loved the history lesson depths from 34″-43. ” the latter is like a stretch.! The cushions with a skirt sofa? ReplyCancel years ago, out the... Blue, I bought the Lee # 1 you posted, and Lee has had a sofa! Whoever is making the sofa needs some spring work and new seat cushions and tapered leg your excellent on... Them are in Westchester or they wouldn ’ t seriously fall in love with sofa.

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