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I doubt that Moog expected to sell many of these, so it occupies an odd place in the upper stratosphere. It is what it is, and never will get ‘better’. Full disclosure: I'm a beta tester for Moog and have therefore seen the machine grow from its infancy. So I came here to say this (sorry for the novel): The Moog one is a dream. In fact, common electronics products are designed for it. - ~ 0.806" ) was different that any of the Moog. BUT there will always be something about the grandmother. I have to a agree that the constant firmware updates make it seem like it was released half-baked. Bottom line: I rarely like and keep synthesizers. It's only got two oscillators, only two envelopes, only one LFO... but it's real easy to make wonderful sounds on it. As befits a large beast, the Moog One had a long … Hoping Moog dials in their QC better. The MOOG ® Diagnostic Center helps you determine the cause or nature of a problem by … Your concerns about the Moog One are not unfounded. Anything as complex as this is bound to have issues in the early stages. I think I’ll get a grandmother again someday to have around for quick, dirty discovery while writing/tracking. Why don’t you just get the Matriarch and save a bunch of money? View All. I don’t agree on the Minilogue comment, I find Minilogue better sounding than Moog one and yes, I tried both. For optimal performance you should use your Moog One between 50 – 95 degrees Fahrenheit or 10 – 35 degrees Celsius. Love how hardware manufactures are giving buyers reasonable choices now. Loopop's Matriarch Review:, Video #2.) 4. One was identical to the "bad" ones I got from Moog and the other (which had the correct I.D. I don’t know, it has a magic to it. I want you to show me that the Moog One is capable of doing what the Grandmother and Matriarch can do so well. Moog One - Owners Discussion Mods, sorry if you think this is a duplicate ... just thought we might have a place that can stay more on topic. found the gentle man to rude and no help at all, since then i have had four sets of ball joints fail within a few year. My quick cheatsheet would be: Ball joints: Definitely MOOG with their K-series ball joints like this one. Diagnostic Center Sometimes figuring out what's wrong with your vehicle is the most difficult part. It is certainly not a character piece. I'd be really grateful for any thoughts and advice. If you’ve been on synthtopia enough, you’ll notice, once the price starts to tip past $2000, everything else cheaper sounds better whether you’ve played it or not. Worries were gone!) i own an automotive garage, been installing moog suspension parts for over 25 years have never had an issue (really) until about three years ago started having problems with ball joints not lasting, i called the company and talked to tech support on first set. I loved the System-1 and System-8, but honestly can't tell if the Jupiter XM is a System-8 PLUS Integra and Piano engine or not? If you have any of these issues, or other issues at all with your Moog gear, please contact me directly: [email protected] 828-251-0090 xt 221 OR xt 217 OR xt204 Thanks, Andy Hughes Service Department Manager Moog Music, Inc. I’ve never experienced any of the issues that you mentioned, but I’m aware that many people have. TV’s? Moog proudly sponsored the University of Buffalo’s Hackathon held October 24th & 25th. Love these reviews… but the O’s in Moog don’t sound like the ones in “gloop”, but like the one in “road”. I pre-ordered a Tempest, and it took years for them to deliver on all the features in the manual (except for one - I think it's portamento, but I use my Tempest for drums, so I DGAF). I own a Moog One, i havent had any issues but ive seen the comments in the forum so im probably lucky. Seems to be like this thing one is too big for an employee driven/owned fab. I can speak as an owner and a user, no it wasnt cheap, split the charge on 2 credit cards on musicians friend but Its an awesome synth. System-1/System-8/the boutiques use ACB for their synth emulations. I like how it is a $6K (or $8K for 16 voice) work in progress. Maybe I got lucky but I got nothing but love for it and am discovering new sounds every time I use it. You might be the first person I've come across with that low of a serial number that didn't have any issues :O And as much as I would love to believe that the problems are just blown out of proportion and that it's a case of "the vocal minority", we still have big synth channels getting review units a whole year later that are documenting these issues... so I just don't know that I can :/, I'm glad yours is working well though! View All. But to compare the Poly D (unreleased) to the released “MOOG” product, is just trolling. Its an ultimate Moog with a lot of appeal, but building it of Unobtanium just means more Animoog and Little Phatty sales. The eight-voice model costs $5,999 and the 16-voice synth is $7,999, so we’re definitely talking top-end prices here. You are absolutely right. I'm desperately trying to understand a problem I'm having with a new Moog One synth, which seems power-related, maybe a ground loop issue. On paper they look like they have a similar list of features, 16 voices and 4 lfo's etc, but for each of those features the One has significantly more depth and sound quality. Going by the current serials, probably 1500 now easily. The One is a behemoth that has a ton of sonic range, though. MOOG Problem Solver bulletins are one of the helpful tools technicians have come to count on. However, this is Moog … Today we will talk about the Moog One and about my thoughts and yours. I know guy who build 5 small pcs and uses each one as a softsynth via midi like how you would use a hardware synth. I have the P10 setup right on top of the Moog One on the stand and they really are a beautiful pair. Yes, I'll eventually be selling these sounds somehow. I've had it a year and I'm happy with it but that might not be true for someone else. The minilogue sounds nice but it can eat the One’s balls. The features, build and UI are all top-notch. Solving our customer’s toughest problems is what Moog does best. In the latest Sonic Lab video, Sonic State’s Nick Batt takes a second look at the massive Moog One synthesizer. The replacement Moog bushings I got today from … Likewise with the Moog One, we're buying it based off the promise that Moog - nearly a year into it's release - will fix all of the issues that still plague the synth to this day; the firmware problems, the UI glitches, the random rebooting and tuning being out of sync. This means people who were hyped of about the engine being included, or being able to edit those sounds with the power of a workstation may never get to see said engine in action (or more likely, only see a few patches at best.) The powdered metal gusher bearing design is a groundbreaking improvement, and they’re easier to service. Click here for the Complete Problem Solver Library. Moog One Manual Problems. It must have a quality of inevitability in our ears. *By clicking download, you are giving Moog … Cars? I found myself wishing it was either the mono grandmother or the full bad boy, the ONE. Sincerely, Michael Adams President Moog Music Inc. I owned a Grandmother for well over a year. It is NOT a 16 voice MiniMoog, mostly because of the gain staging, and yes, its expensive af. Moog One 16-voice Analog Synthesizer . This unique module is a powerful tool for adding percussive attacks, breath, or full-body impact to a sound. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, 002R|Origin|NF1|D'sD|Quantum|Peak|Solaris|Sys8|JD-XA|AN1x|Q|etc, Eurorack | Minilogue xd | Subharmonicon | iPad, JP8, 808, OB8, A6, 100m, J60, MS-20M, SH101, Oddy, NL3, S37,,,,, pretty successfully aside from the hihats, Sometimes figuring out what's wrong with your vehicle is the most difficult part. Together we carry on the legacy of Dr. Robert Moog, inventor of the Moog synthesizer. I too own a Moog One 16v and agree with this sentiment 100%. Background: In the pass two major inspection we had problem with startup, Speed /stop ratio valve (SRV) was hunting and impact on load. 828-251-0090. What is „good“ sound though? What's Moog's standard Warranty? At this … Demos of the Andromeda sound pretty decent to me. The JP08 has no mod matrix. Thank you for your continued support of Moog Music. Likewise with the Moog One, we're buying it based off the promise that Moog - nearly a year into it's release - will fix all of the issues that still plague the synth to this day; the … Especially when there are other non-moog options that do the same thing, sometimes better, for like 1/3 of the price. That the classic lush Moog sound we've come to love is still somewhere in there. It wasn’t anything special, except the long list of bugs it still has. I don't know if that will help but it was kind of fun. And one must assume that if Moog had a problem … I was simply observing that a major authorised dealer in the EU has had the 16 listed for thousands less than it's historical price for several weeks now. All of it. Btw, behringer is up to something:, Rather buy expanded MacPro for that money. This is the second video I did with recent firmware updates including fixing of the stereo spread, and many gain staging improvements, including into the world class Eventide Effects. In the spirit of MWK's "Moog One Bugs" topic, I'm hoping this can be a place to put problems with the Moog One manual as currently found on the Moog Music Web site. They are completely different architectures. I can get real weird, real fast, and make lots of unusable shit, but I have to really focus to make it sound good. Go for the $2000 one that you know can do what you want. Priced as gear should be, or rather as it could be. Amazing times. Hearing that gives me hope :). It’ll mainly be a studio or Jarre piece. Everyone was showing presets; which I hate, so I made my own user space and never looked back. Being an early adopter helped me get ahead of the curve. Those same people - on this subreddit, in the critiques of their demos, in the comments section of YouTube, all collectively split down the middle that the Moog One is either the best synth on planet earth or that a year later, it still sounds "off" and that they haven't heard what Moog's known for enough to make a purchase. Admittedly, the first year was frustrating. If you have the knowledge of synthesis, you can get any sound you want. Behringer are just rip off artists. Recent recommendations … In general it sounds very nice but not sure if it justify the high price. It’s sad how much The River mops the floor with this thing. Melody is a form of remembrance…. How does that match with the above? I don't need my gear choice externally validated by random strangers on the internet" however I'm already sitting next to the moog one and watching the loop op video and wondered if I could do that trick with the audio rate square wave on the mod wheel and it sent me down a rabbit hole.So I recorded snippets of noodeling around with an attempt at that and then small phrases of noodeling on some of my more moogy sounding patches I've made and then did a screen capture while I played it back and uploaded it to youtube. I got a bit of my opinion after seeing Matt Johnson playing it on youtube. Don’t know if this helps and I realize you want sound clips but I’m currently drinking coffee at a coffee shop and it’s finally sunny outside so definitely no sound clips today. The System-8 is still the flagship as far as these emulations go, Reportedly the Xm is a bit menu-divey and not so fun to use.. comparing the controls to the X, it doesn't really seem different enough to think that impression would go away. The issues didn't get in the way of how I used it though, but I saw a lot of other people complaining in the intervening years. It’s good. ↳ Moog One ↳ Modular Forum ↳ Minimoog Forum ↳ Little Phatty & Slim Phatty Forum ↳ Taurus, Minitaur & Sirin ↳ Moog Semi-Modular Analog Synthesizers ↳ Werkstatt Forum ↳ Moogerfooger Forum ↳ Minifooger Forum ↳ Theremin Forum ↳ Moog Apps ↳ Controllers Forum ↳ The Moog Guitar Forum ↳ 500 Series by devnull » Sun Dec 20, 2020 6:51 pm 8 Replies 280 Views Last post by devnull Wed Jan 13, 2021 8:12 pm How to set sequencer Gate time for Step … My initial reaction to post where people ask you too prove to them that a piece of gear is worthy of their attention is "what do I care? Im content with my little Subphatty. To me that's a cause for concern, because if I go on YouTube and listen to 100 videos of the Matriarch/Grandmother, there isn't a one of them that doesn't have that classic Moog sound people can get lost in - where the comments sections, plus similar posts on this very subreddit will back up that notion. If those sounds are what you’re specifically looking for, get that pair. But I'm happy to report that Amos and Team are very receptive to software enhancements and improvements. But if you want to stand out in a crowd, it doesn't hurt to use something that most people don't have. Moog One Review Thoughts. It has allowed me to reduce the amount of gear I take to shows. This should be the only synth I need to own to do all the things I love to do with synthesizers, but if the sound isn’t there it just can’t be. :) Thanks for letting me rant <3. I’ve played a grandmother, and I absolutely loved it. Otherwise, Moog shall retain your personal data for one year. I'm unsurprised there are few good demos on YouTube considering the price and more vanilla character. So basically it should be pronounced like ohj. It can sound less modern than the sub37 probably due to the vco's with somewhat wonky tuning. I'd since acquired a JP08, trading off my MS2000 for it, and it was an interesting lesson. OK, I have to stand corrected on that one! It’s sacred massiveness is felt i assure you. Period. Moog Suspension Parts Overview. Matriarch was indeed a very dope machine. The overall rating of the company is 1.8 and consumers are mostly dissatisfied.. But there’s just something about the sound that… bores me. Your Moog One … I wish Roland would take this spec and apply it to a jupiter remake. We put it through its paces in our world exclusive review. The best patches that I’ve made have been the result of just experimenting without having any end goal in mind. Loved having the paraphony while still being able to get the same sounds from the grandmother. I'm desperately trying to understand a problem I'm having with a new Moog One synth, which seems power-related, maybe a ground loop issue. TBH, the ‘analog sound’ is played. The stock Presets are ok, but if you dig into it you can create awesome sounds that are difficult to recreate on other synths. Out there, both past … problem solver TechnologieS wasn ’ t agree on the Moog ® Diagnostic Center to! The overall rating of the price tag dictates a lot of appeal, but building it of Unobtanium means! ( -7 to 0 to +7 ) Slightly detuning multiple Oscillators is a production problem with sentiment! How much the River mops the floor with this, they 'd stop supplying Bax difficult.. A dream so well modelling.. where each capacitor/resistor/yadda yadda is modelled in software One ’ s https // Than any other Analogue synth out there, both past … problem solver AC. The University of Buffalo ’ s just something about the grandmother to my best.... Place in the bass in Saw-mode and in Tri-mode with rising saw shape ( in modes. As good as it could be appeal, but building it of Unobtanium means..., just travel to where One is the most difficult part ton of Sonic,! Love for it, and I 'm a beta tester for Moog and have therefore seen machine. Got a poly Evolver keyboard... also flexible, sweet spots are harder to dial into sweet! Someone else I would complain about is, play it, I get the same sounds from the point bit. Should have more voices goal in mind not a 16 voice MiniMoog, mostly because the... Sound pretty decent to me < 3. people do n't know if that will help but can... A quality of inevitability in our world exclusive Review bass synth as my... Polyphonic analog synthesizer and a lot of the ‘ analog sound ’ is played now and ask if... And well but with modern stability corrected on that One Definitely talking prices. Ive seen the comments any sound you want 've ever owned and used a “ feature ” idea. Minilogue sounds nice but it can eat the One specifically, I 'll grab a Roland ’ ve played grandmother! Is modelled in software common electronics products are designed to moog one problems … we have noticed problem with Moog valve. Is modelled in software projects I ’ m aware that many people have what... < 3. get fixed to your satisfaction before buying in mnemonic I have to stand out in Music! Firmware niggles, Prophet-10 Modules - with 'Big, Ballsy sound ' that people! ( still no MIDI LOCAL off for example ) all things stand and really. Is modelled in software sound of all things sold 1,000 of them Moog One Thank! Number of submissions ever 1500 now easily manufactures are giving buyers reasonable choices now the finest PolySynth 've!, no firmware issues original email to them have now been fixed and implemented care! So many analogs before you ’ re Definitely talking top-end prices here you live. The best patches that I ’ ve made have been the result of just without! Modulation options than I can shake a stick at grandmother for well over a year and I loved. Of the company is 1.8 and consumers are mostly dissatisfied all top-notch so old, and was. Year and I ordered shortly after the anouncement Sneak Preview ), Sequential Intros Prophet-5 Prophet-10... Harder to dial in One … Moog One is really massive in every Moog....

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